5 Unsung Ships From ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ (2024)

There’s a lot to unpack from Season 8 of Voltron: Legendary Defender, which was released on Netflix last week. It wrapped up the show’s storylines and saw a couple of relationships blossom, particularly those between Lance and Allura, and Shiro and his eventual husband, Curtis. But these weren’t the show’s only ships. In particular, there were several relationships that were easy to deduce, although not explicitly shown or made official. Some were more evident than others, but all of them were enjoyable. So kick back, relax, and revel in these ships that may not have gotten an official seal of confirmation. Here are the 5 greatest unsung ships in Voltron.

Keith and Lance (aka Klance)

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The relationship between Keith and Lance (referred to as “Klance”) obviously leads this list. From the get-go, theirs has been a ship of evolution, going from competitive rivals to reliable teammates and so much more. They had an iconic bonding moment during a battle in Season 1, got in some playful teasing, and shared plenty of soft smiles. Lance becomes Keith’s right-hand man when he accepts him as the new leader of Voltron. They admire and believe in each other, and share these sentiments both with each other and with outsiders. Whatever the circ*mstances, they make each other happy.

Klance never got explicit confirmation onscreen, but it’s been one of the most popular ships in pop culture over the past couple of years due to the overwhelming evidence in the showthat supports this ship. Had we seen more of the Paladins‘ future at the end of Season 8, it’s more than likely we would’ve seen Klance become endgame.

Zethrid and Ezor

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Zethrid and Ezor, two of Lotor’s former generals, actually are canonically confirmed to be a couple, but they’re on this list because they could’ve been shown as more affectionate. When we first see them as a couple in “The Way Forward,” they’re the strong, successful leaders of a group of pirates that have commandeered a Galra cruiser. Yet when Ezor voices concerns about the possibility of Lotor coming back during a moment alone with just the two of them, Zethrid kneels down in a protective way and ensures her she’ll always take care of her. Then, after being reassured, Ezor gleefully suggests they go torture their prisoners, to which Zethrid says, “That’s my girl.”

Things take a turn for them in Season 8, however. In “The Grudge,” we find out during an intense hostage situation from Zethrid that Ezor left her because she couldn’t keep holding on to the anger they felt. This drives Zethrid to hunt down Keith seeking revenge, as she blames him for taking Ezor away from her. But after being caught and detained, Acxa brings a visitor to Zethrid’s cell: Ezor, who refuses to give up on Zethrid. Although we don’t see it happen, it seems they’re able to work things out. We would’ve preferred to see their relationship play out more onscreen rather than being told about it. But even so, we love the devotion and care they show for each other — it’s so adorable and so real.

Coran and Alfor

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Oh, if there was ever a ship that deserved to set sail, it’s this one. Taking place before the start of the series, before the war, the relationship between King Alfor and his advisor, Coran, is the perfect blend of pure fun and delicious angst. Throughout the series, we get bits and pieces of their history from Coran’s perspective, and it’s clear they were inseparable. They went on adventures and got into hijinks together, and Coran regarded Alfor as something of a hero. Coran even has a portrait of Alfor and a picture of the two of them together in their younger days up on the walls of his quarters.

And then, there’s Season 8’s “Knights of Light, Part 1,” in which the Paladins see a flashback of the moment Alfor decides to send the Voltron lions away so Zarkon can’t get them. Alfor orders Coran to take the Black Lion away in the Castle of Lions, leading his advisor to wonder if Alfor wants to be left alone in his final hour. But that’s not it at all. Alfor tells Coran that he’s entrusting him with “what is most precious to [him] in this entire universe” — Allura, his daughter. Through tears, Coran accepts what will be his greatest honor, and our hearts absolutely break. Yet this moment is also strangely satisfying. Coran’s love for Alfor shines through as he’s forced to part ways with his king to protect Allura. He doesn’t want to lose him, but he does what’s asked of him.

Their relationship goes far beyond that of king and advisor. It’s built on admiration, loyalty, and trust, which is more than enough to get the imagination rolling for this ship. And of course, we’re pretty sure that Coran’s reputation as “The Gorgeous Man” had something to do with it as well.

Blaytz and the Galra Waiter

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This small ship (raft?) may be based off a single moment, but it’s still a cute one. In “The Legend Begins,” we’re introduced to all of the original Paladins — including Blaytz, the original Blue Paladin — as they sit and eat around a table. When a male Galra waiter walks up to serve Blaytz a drink, he invites him to “pull up a bench and join the feast!” Zarkon reprimands Blaytz for “fraternizing with the servant class,” but it’sBlaytz and the waiter who get the last laugh.

In one of the official posters given out at Comic-Con, we see some of the original Paladins taking a picture together — along with the Galra waiter. And the hand on his shoulder is none other than Blaytz’s. Ship or no ship, it’s still important all the same. It bolsters the headcanon that Blaytz is LGBTQ, which was confirmed by the executive producers in a podcast. Their inclusion is subtle, and it’s all the more fun because of it.

Veronica and Acxa

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Lance isn’t the only one who seems to be interested in dating a half-Galra being. His sister, Veronica, forms quite a close bond with Acxa, another one of Lotor’s ex-generals, over the course of Season 8. After noticing that Acxa isn’t fitting in with the rest of the Atlas crew, Veronica makes an effort to include her in things, like when she invites Acxa to sit at the MFE pilots‘ table at lunch. Later, Veronica approaches Acxa at the firing range, causing Axca to question the intent behind her “constant presence.” Acxa believes Veronica mistrusts her, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, Veronica wants to get to know the new Acxa, the one who turned her life around.

“Veracxa” quickly became a fan-favorite ship. Some fans even believe in the episode “Launch Date,” when Veronica asks Lance to “put in a good word for [her] with that long-haired friend of [his],” that she’s referring to Acxa and not Keith, as Lance assumes. Veronica and Acxa are yet another couple seen together in a Comic-Con poster. In the final Voltronposter, they gaze fondly at each other and their hands appear to brush against each other. Veracxa, like a few of these other ships, seems all but certain in Voltron, and we are here for it.

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5 Unsung Ships From ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ (2024)
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